Empaths are Not Here to Transmute Other People’s Energy
Bevin Niemann

Great article I have been through this myself. Fortunately I have come out this.
Why this is happening in my opinion is because the world and its people have become negative. They don’t want to come out of their negativity.
20 years ago I was just able to help people by just talking to them for 10 minutes. But I had a gift I would automatically keep away from negative people. No judgement there was no thinking involved it was like a warning that said just move one do not connect.
Then i think lifestyle plays an important role on your consciousness eating meat drinking alcohol might have played a part but I started to think.
This is where the problem started I “thought” why should i judge people and allowed negative people to enter to into my life.

Don’t watch T.V :-P I watched this nice story where a rich fat guy wished he could read peoples thoughts for his birthday and its granted. He realized those who were the closest to him actually hated him and was with him only for the money and freebies. There is a fairy who then grants this wish so after he listens to their thoughts he finds out except for 1 guy he always ignored everyone else were really bad inside. So the fairy tells him its does not mean you stop being friends with them you accept them. The lesson was not to identify bad friends and drop them rather to learn that you do not need to know everything you should just accept people and their good site some blah blah Worst lesson of my life.

Long story short they zapped me of my energy and I ma recovering to this day.

What you say holds so true we have to be really wary and thats why I don’t like this non-judgemental new age mumbo jumbo. We have to judge people nowadays who really wants to change and deserves your touch.
Or else you not only end up getting drained but also one good person was not saved cause you are spending time with someone wilfully negative.
When I say wiflully its like you see these articles glorify bad traits of people and people actually take pride in being short tempered or being a jerk of a person. You have these quotes and stuff like “I just want someone to talk to I don’t need a solution”. When there clearly is a solution, And if you tell them that they have already read the other follow up quotes “you don’t know what it is to be me so don’t think you can solve my life problems”.

I can type really fast sorry for the long comment but I just spilled my thoughts out at the rate I think them :-P

I just wanted to add I dont’ think there is any such thing as an “empath” Unless you are using it to refer to someone who has the ability to heal people which can be considered a special gift.
But if its just the ability to feel empathy then I don’t think there is anything as an “empath” that's just being human.
Its like people have stopped being human and don’t want to accept it so they are finding names for those who are still human so they can continue to pretend they are human.
Its like people making the difference between true love and untrue love. Being untrue is not love.

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