Sorry for Sheila of course.
Carlene Biunno Buccola

Thank you, Carlene for sharing. Sheila did not have radiation nor is she a smoker. These results were from her taking prophylactic measures as she inherited the BRCA genetic killer. There’s no data to support that she is one of 10% who end up disfigured or extremely disfigured. If you read some of the responses in the petition, there are those who can relate to Sheila’s predicament as they too suffered disappointing results. I took an informal poll last year and asked 100 patients (both breast cancer and those taking prophylactic measures) if they knew what they could expect for their own body and over 95% said that they did not know what they could expect. A handful knew and there were a couple that didn’t care what they looked like. Even if this represented 10% of all breast cancer reconstructions gone wrong, it’s still too high. No person should ever have to endure horrific or disappointing results when they are already busy fighting cancer.