The corruption of modern academic medicine — How your doctor was bought
Dr. Jason Fung

This is my personal story:

6 months ago I did my regular blood test which confirmed a rising cholesterol trend of the last 7 years, it was now a total at 250 and I am 50 year old, I did regular exercise and enjoyed Mediterranean food and some beer or wine. Pressure was borderline high.

The doctor was very sure to tell me I have to go on medication the whole life.

I mentioned “how about a serious diet, more exercise ?”

He said: it will take 6 months or 1 year before you can see something and there is no guarantee what can happen in the meantime (e.g. I could die…).

So, I said, thanks, NO. And thought, f..k you… you only want my money, not my health.

I went home, in 10 min I had my diet listed.

Removed all carbohydrates and cheese, focused on sardines, oliveoil, oat, vegetables, black chocolate, red wine and 5km running per day in average.

In one month the total cholesterol was down to 170 and I lost 4kg.

In 3 months it was down to 150 and I lost 8kg. Pressure back to perfect.

Then I started to reintroduce some bread, some pasta and some yogurt as a double check. Now it is still below 200, the ratio is below limit as well and I lost 10kg in total. I can wear clothes I was using 10 years ago and feel superfit.

Without any medications !

I will just remove yogurt and pasta again and fine tune my cholesterol to keep enjoying my eating.

Damn doctor. And damn pharmaceutical corporations.

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