Collaboration Software’s & Social Intranet’s leads the Digital Workplace Revolution

For any business, modernization is crucial. It could be with policies, processes or practices. All this comes together with the use of Technology and digitizing your workplace.
 With ever expanding office locations, departments, employee and clientele. The need to stay connected, collaborated, communicative and engaged has become even more essential. The last 8 years has seen a huge wave in digital technology that keeps people connected socially but in the last 5 years Enterprises have realized the need of a digital workplace through a Team Collaboration tool or Enterprise social Intranet network.

A new Generation workforce has entered the workplace, with laptops, mobile tablets, smartphones, digital watches and the list can go on. Initially these devices were used mainly for personal use but recently businesses have started changing their approach. With the ever changing global environment, economic strain the need for long working hours and interconnection of offices across the globe. Has given risen to team connection and collaboration, is at the center of increased employee productivity, employee knowledge sharing & successful project management.

In this blog we provide the framework of how a digital workplace can benefit through a Team Collaboration Software or an Intranet solution:
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