Safeguard Your Personal Information To Prevent Theft And Tamper Of Credit Score

Credit score speaks in volumes about the credit worthiness of an individual. It reflects the behavior regarding the payment of bills and the lenders gage the reliability of the borrower based on the credit score. The credit report is prepared by a credit bureau with the help of various mathematical formulas. Much depends on the credit scores and you notice a number of advertisements on the internet and the print media regarding credit repair. For the last couple of decades or so the credit repair services are in vogue to improve the scores. The federal Trade Commission has enforced Credit Repair Organization Act to prevent the credit repair services from duping the customers.

Aim of credit repair

The main aim of these repair services is to remove various errors from a credit report, and this comprises of big mistakes to that simple mistakes regarding any personal information. So, if you detect ant mistake in your credit report then opt for the repair services at the earliest. It is mandatory that every data mentioned in the report is verified minutely. The credit repair companies also often negotiate with the lenders on behalf of the borrowers, and this improves the chances of the later to obtain a loan or likewise.

Threat of theft

However, it is important to choose a reliable credit repair to stay stress-free. Of the different crimes, identity theft is on the rise as per the report of the FTC. In fact, with easy availability of information there has been a surge in the problems related to credit scores caused by identity theft. There are few important rules that you can follow to ward off the identity theft and its adverse effect on credit repair. Safeguarding personal information is the key to this process. You need to ensure that all your personal information, be it on your various government IDs or driver license are safe.

Safeguard the Social Security Number

The Social Security Number is the gateway to your personal information, so ensure that it is kept safe. Theft of the Social Security Number might result in the struggling with the process of credit repair for years. So, make sure that your SSN is safe. It has been observed that the identity theft strikes when you expect it the least. When you are dealing with multiple lenders or make sure that you do not provide your credit information when not required.

Track your checks and credit cards

A simple step to prevent the theft of your identity and the other glitches that are associated with the same is by ensuring that none of your credit cards and checks is missing from your wallet. If in case, any of these go missing, call your bank immediately, cancel the cards, or place an order to the stop the transaction of the checks. You can speak to your creditors inform them the same and initiate credit repair procedures. Scrutinize your credit score minutely and identify any major error regularly and preferably every month. Identify any suspicious charges in the report because the theft can go unnoticed if you do not pay heed to the same. To know more visit our site —

Aftermath of identity theft

Identity theft has an adverse effect on your credit score. For the convenience of the citizens, there are few consumer laws that protect the former of thefts. However, if you have faced identity theft and few of your accounts have already been tampered by the same then contact the credit bureaus for the credit reports. Contact the fraud or the dispute department of each of the businesses and identify the theft. If a theft is identified then, you can request the reporting companies to prevent the valuable information from appearing on the report.

Author Bio: Albert William is an identity theft victim. Last year he had faced the same and after many ordeals he could set the report straight. Now he writes for — How to get the best identity theft protection.

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