Curtain Cleaning Services also depends on the type of fabric

There are many of you who find it challenging to strain out the best dry cleaners among a bunch of many! Know your curtains, know your cleaners. This statement is of utmost importance when you are looking to opt for curtains cleaning service in Adelaide. So to help you connect with the best, we will help you understand the factors that you need to keep in mind before curtain cleaning. So, let’s get started.

We are experts of Manhattan Dry Cleaners and we take pride in educating the masses about dry cleaning.

Know your Curtain

Did you know that curtains can be tailored from both heavy and light fabric? Moreover they can be of any quality, and in recent times netted curtains are in trends.

Stains can be of various types and depending on the type of fabric is their rigidity. So it is better to opt for a cleaner whom you can rely on no matter whatever be the type of fabric.

Don’t try to Deal with the Stain Yourself

You might think that a stain might fade away easily and a simple rub with a damp cloth will be enough! But when you do so, it spreads over and makes it rigid!

When you fail to get rid of the stain; only then you get in touch with a dry cleaner. This makes the job challenging for the cleaner as well.

Our advice would be to bring your curtain to us the way it is. We will check for the stain and take necessary steps. Many a times, simple water doesn’t work and only expert hands can help you!

Simple Machine Wash might not help!

We have come across few customers who think that dry cleaning has to do something with detergents. In regards to that they try a hand in their homes using their washing machines for cleaning.

When you are using detergents, it can be helpful for daily washing. But dry cleaning is a different process. To remove stains, specific solvents are used. For example: Treatment for ink stain is spirit or alcohol. If you use detergent, you will get no positive result!

Curtain Cleaning Service by Manhattan Dry Cleaners

We won’t say that you need to come to us for dry cleaning. It’s you choice. But what we can do is tell you more about us.

Our quality of service makes us most sought after

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So if you are willing to get your curtains cleaned, get it done from a reliable source. Post your queries in the comments and we will get back to you with solutions. For additional details, visit our website today at Manhattan Dry Cleaners.

Have a great day.