How dry-cleaners clean wedding dress for you?

Cleaning is a simple task. All you need is water and some detergent. You put them in the washing machine along with the clothes. Next you take out the clean dress and dry it. Sounds simple right! But, dry-cleaning is not the same. When you are looking to clean wedding dress through dry cleaning, the process is different. Here no detergent is necessary.

So how do dry cleaners clean? We are experts from Manhattan dry cleaners. Today through this article we will share with you how your clothes are in safe hands. We will tell you what makes a reliable dry-cleaner outlet. This will help you to understand the factors and make a wise choice. So, let’s get started.

Dry-cleaning is different than normal cleaning process

Unlike normal washing, in dry-cleaning chemicals take over detergents. There are a variety of chemicals that are helpful in removing stains. With experience of more than 40 years, we have learnt a lot. Our experts are master of their art and take care of your clothes.

There is a lot of processing involved right from the beginning of the cleaning process. When we are talking to clean wedding dress, it is a delicate garment. Hence it seeks special attention.

The process of cleaning a wedding dress

There are three steps involved in the cleaning process. With special garment, cleaning is done separately. The following steps are involved.

Receiving the wedding dress

You might say what’s big in that. A customer comes and gives the dress for cleaning. Right! Let us show you in a broad manner.

While receiving the wedding dress we make sure that it is intact. By intact we check for damages, opened stitches, flower petals and so on. This checking is necessary as it helps us to repair before cleaning. Moreover we ask you to spot the stains and then we take charge. It becomes easier if you tell us what the source of the stain was.

Handing it over to experts

There is a separate team for each work. Stitching and repairs are done first if there are any. Next it moves on for analysis. Here we look for the stains and select appropriate chemicals. You must pay attention to this section.

Chemicals are vital for dry cleaning. The point is no matter where you place your cleaning order, it is always better to opt for experienced cleaners. Handling delicate garments is not an easy task. We know that it holds some of your precious memories. Hence we emphasize on proper selection of chemicals.

The Cleaning Process
The cleaning process can be divided into the following two categories.

• On Site Cleaning and
• Off Site Cleaning

When the cleaning goes away from the store, it is off site cleaning. Now your concern will be the damage factors. You don’t want your dress get exposed to wear and tear. So look for on-site cleaning services.

With us, you will enjoy on-site cleaning. Moreover you can get your cleaning done fast if you want it immediately. In general terms, we return you back as per schedule, but if you are in a hurry, ask for it. May be we can do it a bit faster.
So to clean wedding dress we follow these major three steps. If you are using other cleaners, you must be well aware of the cleaning process. We don’t say that we are the best. But we are confident that we are one of the best. For placing a cleaning order with us, visit our website today.

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