BCA Scope in India 2017- 2025

If you are looking to master computer applications, the BCA course is just what you are looking for. With the IT sector beginning to boom in the country, it is time young students hitch themselves onto the IT bandwagon if they want to have a good future.

What does a BCA course cover?

BCA (Bachelors in Computer Applications) is starting to become a very popular course among young and bright minds. This three year course covers subjects that revolve round different aspects of Information technology thus laying the ground for developing good IT skills. Some of the areas that are covered by this course include data structure, networking, coding, software development and more.

If a student is keen on developing his computer skills, taking this course will help him do just that. The ability to learn about the basics of visuals, object-oriented programming, JAVA, Oracle, Programming systems, PHP programming is available in some of the top BCA colleges in Bangalore.

Which Students are Best Suited for the Course?

Not everyone is well-suited for this course therefore, before enlisting for it, it is best if students check out the eligibility criteria instead of later realising that the course is not for them.

One of the most important criteria for this course is that the student should have passed his 12th standard with at least 50 percent and with mathematics being one of the subjects taken. In many cases though, the criteria is relaxed even more and colleges are willing to take students who do not have a Physics, Chemistry and Maths background.

Most institutes usually hold an entrance exam and take students on the basis of merit. In addition to that, colleges may sometimes have a personal interview to gauge the ability of the students.

Scope of Having a BCA degree

The scope for BCA students isn’t limited. Students can easily get jobs in software companies that are opening up all around the state. At the same time, having these skills also leaves self-employment as a worthy option. Given that the tech industry is only moving forward, these computer skills will not go out of use no matter what you plan on doing. Freelancing for a multi-national company is certainly one avenue that is available. At the same time, if you are a wizard at what you do, you can even go on to create your own software and programs.

What most people choose to do, however, is to attend one of the top BCA colleges in Bangalore as and then, instead of evaluating their career options, they move for further studies. Going for an MCA course helps improve your knowledge of the area and find your niche or specialisation that you would be able to further into a career.

A Viable Job Market for BCA students

The demand for students having computer skills is daily increasing so students will not have trouble finding jobs with some of the top IT institutes in the country. Some of the top companies that you are likely to get recruited by when you possess a BCA degree include Infosys, Google, Tech-Mehendra, TCS, IBM, Wipro, Patni, Oracle, Magna Infotech and Oxygent International BPO.

Rounding up that list, you also have government organisations like NIC, Indian Army or Air force that are in need of IT professionals and being government jobs, you are likely to be given a host of benefits. The starting salary for beginners is aroundRs. 8,000/- however, as you gain 2–3 years of experience, your salary can riseupto 30–40k.

To conclude, if you are looking to do an MCA degree, do not hesitate because the job market for MCA professionals is certainly large and you will not have trouble finding a good job.

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