Man holding protest sign during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. Source: Wikipedia

On Omelettes & Immigration

Personal experiences as points of departure for larger narratives of struggle for social justice.

May 2013 — New York, NY

January 2017 — Boston, MA

“Can you imagine …”, says my friend with her frail voice cracking as she wipes her tears, “Not having a life for so many years. Staying in, studying for exam after exam. Giving up your social life entirely to become a physician and apply for a residency at a hospital here in Boston. And now …”

March 2017, New York NY

The Model Immigrants

As the breadth of the catastrophe that was the Muslim Ban revealed itself, public outcry took over social media. For me, this overwhelming support was heartwarming. Knowing that I had allies coming out to speak out for people like me was a reminder that I was not alone.

The accidental casualty

Looking ahead

I call New York home. I have had the privilege of being surrounded by many people and communities that have shaped me, empowered me and welcomed me.

Pronounced 'Mâni' - Designer, Musician —

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