Since Bitcoin adopted by people in the world, price getting higher day by day, and now bitcoin act as father of altcoins, there are more than 100 altcoins launched since few years ago, some of them doing the ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

One of the success ICO coin is Ethereum, if we take a look at the beneficial of ICO coin is we’ll get the coin in cheapest price rather than waiting listed on exchange.

Recently one of altcoin announced at Bitcointalk forum it’s quite new and some stuff still in progress but it’s worth to keep watching the project.

ILS is going to become an internet provider for the people in need. Creating smart contracts with local companies we are going to offer a high-quality internet speed at a cheaper price, offering discounts for ILS holders with an internet speed faster than the world average speed.

So the main goal of this project is offering high speed internet connection with cheaper price.

They claimed as “A group of elders in cryptocurrency world that want to see a change in the way the internet is going to be” source announcement page.

This coin is mainly POS (Proof of Stake) mining proof (POW) is not a priority “ Proof-of-stake (PoS) is a type of algorithm by which a cryptocurrency blockchain network aims to achieve distributed consensus. Unlike proof-of-work (PoW) based cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin), where the algorithm rewards participants who solve complicated cryptographical puzzles in order to validate transactions and create new blocks (i.e. mining), in PoS-based cryptocurrencies the creator of the next block is chosen in a deterministic (pseudo-random) way, and the chance that an account is chosen depends on its wealth (i.e. the stake). In PoS cryptocurrencies the blocks are usually said to be forged (in the blacksmith sense of this word), or minted, rather than mined. Also, usually all the coins are created in the beginning and the total number of coins never changes afterwards (although there are some other versions of PoS where new coins can be created). Therefore, in the basic version of PoS there are no block rewards (e.g. as in bitcoin); so, the forgers take only the transaction fees” source wikipedia.

-Pre-Launch of the coin 10/10/2017
-Presenting an investment offer accessible for all the users! Minimum for investment 0.005 bitcoin, maximum 0.02 bitcoin. 10/10/2017
-Starting a giveaways, bounties, and airdrops for the bitcointalk and bitcoingarden users. 12/10/2017
-Presenting an investment offer accessible for all the users! Minimum for investment 0.005 bitcoin, maximum 0.02 bitcoin. 10/10/2017
-Launching the social media campaign. 1/11/2017
-Pre-launching the website — 10/11/2017
-ILS will be available for trading on our website — 10–15/11/2017
-Launching the online wallet & other website features 1/12/2017
-Wallet version x1.1 with the possibility of setting up MN will be available 1/12/2017
-Creating an ether token for all the ICO investors January/2018
-Listing ILS on other exchanges January-February/2018
-To be continued
Source ann thread

Total supply is 42.000.000 ILS, 20% are pre-mine. 80% will be mined through POS — 100% interest first year, 3% starting with the second year.
From the pre-mine (8.400.000 ILS) 
-> 10% will be going to the dev team (840.000 ILS)
-> 50% will be offered through daily airdrops (4.200.000 ILS)
-> 40% will be offered to the investors (3.360.000 ILS)

Investment plans:
0.005 Bitcoin — 10.000 ILS + 100% to your personal airdrop
0.007 Bitcoin — 18.000 ILS + 150% to your personal airdrop
0.01 Bitcoin — 25.000 ILS + 175% to your personal airdrop
0.015 Bitcoin — 40.000 ILS + 200% to your personal airdrop
0.02 Bitcoin — 60.000 ILS + 250% to your personal airdrop

Eg. User “X” wants to invest today 0.02 Bitcoin. He will receive 60.000 ILS + 250% to his personal airdrop. If tomorrow he wants to invest again 0.01 Bitcoin, he will receive another 25.000 ILS + 175% to his airdrop. That means he will receive in total 425% bonus airdrop.
Every persons who join the ICO will get personal airdrop

Distribution method will be based on ICO and Airdrop.

There will be three ways for every user to get the airdrop.
1. By your level in forum — offered only one time at every 5 days.
Newbie — 10 ILS
Jr. Member — 15 ILS
Member — 30 ILS
Full Member — 150 ILS
Sr. Member — 250 ILS
Hero Member — 400 ILS
Legendary Member — 700 ILS


2. By sharing/promoting our idea/website.
Share is the best way you can this topic/our website and you will receive 600 ILS/share. It will be to our consideration if your share it is accepted or not.

3. Graphics/translation.
 Every translation will be rewarded with 4.000 ILS. Every graphic idea will be rewarded with 200 ILS.

Slack channel: Invite link
update the airdrop from this forum daily: Google spreadsheet

1. to avoid multiple joining the airdrop by same user, they will send you the email containing wallet download link when they confirm that you accepted to join the airdrop.
2. Dedicate trading website will be available on 10–15/11/2017 “confirmed by dev team”

#Info about the airdrop.
1.First phase is over, we will still send the coins for people that were late in sending the address to us for the next 3 days untill 17/10/2017
2.Second phase started. We will start soon to send emails to you and send the coins to the accepted people.
3.Registrations for phase #3 started! It will last for 5 days untill 19/10/2017. The final list of accepted user will be posted after when the registration will be over.

Do you want to try this coin? 3rd airdrop will be started. check the announcement page, now it is your chance to earn some, so keep active in forum for more updates!

Bottom line
By joining the ICO, investors will get double benefit as stated above “Every persons who join the ICO will get personal airdrop”.

Official announcement Bitcointalk forum.