Familial Guilds

Abstract. This essay proposes a radically new way to bring #POWER #TO #THE #PEOPLE, using recursive #GUILDS that have many desirable properties, namely, on the tipping point between #ORDER and #CHOAS, familial guilds always tip towards #ORDER. Complementary to #UNIONS, Familial Guilds are fully backwards compatible with the current #MATRIX. What are you waiting for!? Read this essay. Launch an #FGUILD today. Join an #FGUILD today. WORLD PEACE!!! CASH MONEY EVERYWHERE!!!

Caution. Only sketchy, incomplete, untested ideas that were developed during hypermania follow… It all made perfect sense at the time…

Familial Guilds

You should be loyal to your family, and in exchange your family should protect you.


Every family should be represented by a leader, chosen democratically by the members of the family. Yes, children get to vote too, duh.

The leader must be an adult, but need not be a parent.

As far as Familial Guilds are concerned, the only purpose of the leader is to represent the family’s interests when conducting business with other familial guilds. Therefore, leaders should be good diplomats.

The family may change leadership at anytime via a spontaneous majority vote.

The family should advertise publicly who their leader is, preferably on the family’s home page.

Family Secrets

The passwords needed to modify the family’s home page are therefore a family secret.

Generally speaking, it is best practice to share the secret as little as possible.

Only members of the family should know family secrets. Furthermore, only the most trustworthy members of a family should know family secrets.

Family secrets should be kept in a secure, immovable safe in the family’s home.

The leader of the family must know the password to the safe.

The number 2 in the family is the one who is most likely to be elected leader, if the current leader loses election. The number 2 must know the password to the safe. Other members of the family may know the password, but only if they are trustworthy.

Lastly, a blowtorch should be kept next to the safe, in case everyone forgets the password, or if they are unavailable during an emergency.


Ideally, every family in a hood should form a familial guild.

The hood can also form a familial guild by majority vote of the leaders of the families in the hood.

The family leaders vote, via majority vote, on the leader family of the hood. The leader of the hood is the leader of the leader family.

Important note: the leader of a hood can change at any moment if the leader family chooses a new leader. If the hood doesn’t like that new leader, then the hood can elect a new leader family.

Hood Secrets

Hoods also have hood secrets. At a minimum, the password to the hood homepage is a hood secret.

Hood secrets should be stored in the leader family’s safe, but kept separate from family secrets.

Every hood should have a family number 2. That family should also store the hood secrets in their safe.

Hood Rules

  • A hood may create a rule by majority vote of the family leaders
  • All rules must be described, in Plain English, on the hood’s homepage


  • Super hoods form by the leaders of hoods voting to form a super hood.
  • Super duper hoods form similarly
  • And so on, all the way up the World Hood
  • Rules flow down. For example, every hood in the World should follow the rules established by the World Hood.

Handling Chaos

Terminology: A family is a familial guild, a hood is a familial guild, a super hood is familial guild, and so on. From now on, we’ll just use the term guild to refer to the term familial guild.

A guild experience “chaos” whenever two or more people claim to the leader of the guild, and they refuse to concede.

Since all claimants ought to have access to the guild’s homepage, each can update the home page in an attempt to legitimize their claim to leadership.

The proper way to resolve chaos is to write #CHAOS in big letters on the guild’s home page. This signifies that the guild is “compromised.” Then the following automatically happens:

  • The guild dissolves
  • Two or more backup guilds then form to replace the old guild
  • The replacement guilds should be designated ahead of time
  • Constituents should say ahead of time which backup guild they would like to join
  • This way whenever chaos is reported, the replacement guilds are formed instantly and auotmatically