Mauricio Estrella

Assoc. Creative Director @EF, wallpaper guy @deviantart, ex-Rockstar & University Teacher. I live in Shanghai. I eat in pijamas.

How a password changed my life.

The following events occurred between ☹ and ☺.

“How could she do something like this to me?” said a voice in my head. All the…

Managing Creatives: Understanding the Design Tourists

A handy pocket guide for designers, mentors, and managers.

Managing Creatives: Understanding the Design Wanderers

A handy pocket guide for designers, mentors, and managers.

6 principles for designing trustworthy learning experiences.

You know that feeling when you discover something in an app, or in a device, that makes you go “Wow, that’s cool!” while at…

Hi mom!

No, no! Tap the BLUE butto– Argh. *dials again*

Moms come in diverse shapes and with varying levels of support in our adult lives. Thankfully, my mother was…

When your spotlight flickers

My U turn

God dammit, Carl

Back in 2008, Carl was a friend of mine who happened to be a great singer. He wasn’t that great at other things, but his voice gave him a good…

A simple method to resolve an argument.

Illustrated by Kadriya Khayrutdinova. Edit suggestions by Anne Diebel.

The first time Momo saw the ocean.

As we walk in this crazy life, memories of our first moments are diverse. They often hold our deepest secrets, our fondest moments or our most intriguing…

An open letter to Facebook, Foursquare, and my ex-wife.

And everybody else who splits things for no reason.

Dear all,

I’m a big fan of deconstructed things. They’re so pretty. Think Legos. Beautiful small pieces that help you to construct something great when you put them together. The sense of achievement when you finally got that big spaceship

Adventures in a Chinese Toilet

My brain spoke to me, with Jason Statham voice: “Go get shit done.”