Inspiring a New Generation to Defy the Bounds of Innovation: A Moonshot to Cure Cancer
Joe Biden (Archives)

This is an opportunity for patient groups like Cancer Club on facebook to begin to organize with a united voice. As someone who has had a diagnosis since 2011, it is apparent that one thing that is essential in order to liberate the speed of implementing the pure science discoveries, would be to enable graduates of pharmacology and biological science degrees to be able to have the option of joining worker co-ops.

Think of what may happen to advancement of the field if some workplaces had freedom of speech and freedom to engage in open collaborations with other researchers who are looking at unusual approaches to treatment? The standard of care model is weighted heavily with suppressive approaches to dealing with cancer. The eradicative techniques need at least as much priority. The dual virus treatment that uses engineered polio viruses to 1) bolster the immune system and 2) to invade and destroy cancer cells, is one area that needs to be made more available to those who want to see emphasis on eradication of remaining malignant cells. See the July 10, 2015 entry for CTV Health News.