Doing way too much

I’m pretty sure most people have gone through this.

There are seasons in life where opportunities throw themselves at you. What is even more tempting is to look at every shiny thing and say: “Yes, of course I can do that.” You’ll end up in an experience that goes from heaven to almost pure anxiety.

Doing it al won’t make you any better at whatever you want to do. Doing some and doing it right will. Does that mean everything you do has to be in one certain area? No. Many people find hidden gems in areas with similarities others never noticed. But doing so much that you can’t do anything right or can’t even figure out how to fit it in your schedule is a bad thing.

Obvious rules I made/learned from the past week are:

Be clear about your boundaries

I’m working on a website and business card for someone. This client is not particularly easy but I don’t mind. The thing is that I got the feeling she expects stuff way beyond my abilities. For the past weekend I’ve done nothing bit working on her product. It’s so bad that I don’t even did anything for school. I don’t wamt to bail out but I think I should have a conversation about my abilities with her. If you communicate your boundaries most people know when to stop pushing. And even if they don’t, you know when to drop out.

Not motivating + tight schedule = no

Surprise, surprise. I’m in school club that helps women to get into technology. Two people have requested code workshops and guess who is the only one that was available… I don’t mind teaching but especially when I have to do it all on my own it’s not that motivating. Since I’m only a student myself and only gave two classes my whole life giving a lot more makes me quite nervous. I do not aspire to be a teacher at all. It only tightens my schedule which id kind of a bummer. If you don’t feel something and it only causes more stress, say no. Seriously your future self will thank you.

Schedule your breaks!

It’s not too surprising that working so many long shifts without proper breaks will take their toll on you. Whatever you do schedule your breaks so you don’t go nuts!

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