Embryo Transfer Success-Essential Things To Know About

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One of the essential steps during the procedure of fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization can be considered as embryo transfer. This also proves to be the last step of such progressions and when it is done, there are chances for a woman to achieve pregnancy. In the initial time of fertility treatments like IVF, the doctors deliver fertility medications to the female partner to kindle her ovaries. This activity delivers the outcome of healthy eggs for fertilization. Thereafter, the eggs are kept out from the ovaries and go for fertilization in the laboratory. In the lab, there is a special container where the eggs and sperm of the male partner are combined. When the eggs are able to be fertilized and multiplied, the embryos are transferred back to the uterus.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer Success Rate

A variety of embryo transfer has been introduced in the medical science, namely frozen embryo transfer, fresh embryo transfer, blastocyst embryo transfer and assisted hatching. But in general time, doctors try to opt for a single embryo that is transported to the uterus. The reason behind transferring a single embryo is that there are some advantages linked to this procedure and its success rates also prove to be elevated. There is a prediction behind some doctors that if a pair goes for fertilized embryos, there will be higher chances of achieving pregnancy. Regarding single embryo transfer, this condition will be said when a single embryo is chosen from an available embryo. That embryo can be from the previous IVF cycle, like the one who has frozen their embryos for futuristic use or it can be taken from the fresh IVF cycle from where more than a single embryo has been produced.

If someone has a thought in mind regarding the remaining embryos, they may be sent away to be frozen and used for future-based use. Talking about single embryo transfer to a great extent, it lessens multiple gestations that substandard the chances of problems in the upcoming child, like death, premature delivery, low birth weight, long term disabilities like hearing or vision loss, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, and miscarriage, etc. One more thing to know about single embryo transfer is that it lowers the chances of some difficulties that are linked to early delivery like a problem with lungs, intestinal tract, the brain of the child, and nervous system. Regarding the success rate of single embryo transfer, it has been said in studies that if a single embryo is chosen for fertility treatments like in-vitro fertilization, there will be chances of a healthy pregnancy and birth. This refers to thought in mind that the success rates prove to be advanced and transferring a single embryo with in-vitro fertilization raises the possibility of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Regarding multiple embryo transfer, there might be possibilities when the doctor considers to transfer one or more eggs in the uterus of a woman for pregnancy. When doctors have a presence of multiple good embryos for the fertility treatment, it provides an option for them to pick the one that contains good quality and can be transferred to the uterus. There can be situations where the couple wishes to have multiple embryo transfer. It is because there will be higher success rates and at least one of the embryo will deliver them birth to a baby. But in such cases, people also require to know the fact. The outcomes of multiple embryo transfer aren’t favorable all the time and if someone has given birth to twins with the help of embryo transfer, some risks like low birth, very low birth and prematurity are there. When the thing is about the birth of triplets, more added risks are there to be found. So, people need to have a look at such aspects before considering the quantity of embryo transfer. Also, try to ask the professional regarding the success rates of single and multiple embryo transfer so more ideas will be taken and you’ll be able to make wise decisions.

After Embryo Transfer Precautions

Embryo transfer proves to be a very big step in life. In such cases, there will be a requirement of some special care and the woman will have to take precautions according to the guidance of the doctor. Some things will be restricted during such times like hot baths or things which raises the local temperature. The female candidate is also advised to remain stress-free and keep her mind healthy. Make sure to ask all the necessary things with the fertility expert.

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