Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors | What You Want To Know?

A few days ago, Samsung lunch their new flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. And now people started searching on the web to know the upcoming version/series of this smartphone. Most of the people believed that the next Flagship from Samsung could be Samsung Galaxy S9 although there is no official evidence for this. However, according to a Korean Website and TechRadar, Samsung and Qualcomm started working to develop a new chipset for the next Samsung Flagship.

However, there are several rumors available on the web about the Next Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone. People love rumors but most of them are not true. Meanwhile, we collect some Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors and going to share here. So let’s have a look below and know some latest rumors of Galaxy S9.

Top Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors

1. Small Version

Some people believe that and rumors available on the web that the Galaxy S9 will come with a small size display. That might be 4 to 4.5-inch in size but that might not true. The Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 7, S8 and S8 Plus from Galaxy series, all of these smartphones come with large size display. And we hope that the Galaxy S9 could also come with a similar or large size display.

2. Low Price

It’s just a myth, not a rumor. Because now-a-days, most of the smartphone comes with attractive and unique design as well as features. So manufacturing cost also high for these smartphones. So if Samsung come with a better and updated flagship that might be Galaxy S9 also costly and it will around 750+USD.

3. Foldable Screen

Still, now, there is not smartphone or tablet available in the market with the full foldable screen. Some companies started working to develop foldable screen and Samsung is one of them. Yet, Samsung not confirmed about their foldable screen project so how can we expect that the Galaxy S9 will come with Foldable Screen?

4. Dual Camera

Galaxy S9 with a Dual camera might become true if the company want. Because now-a-days, several Smartphones available in the Market with the dual camera from Huawei, HTC, LG, etc. Dual camera used on the smartphone for better mobile photography and Samsung could use this on their upcoming flagship.

5. Fingerprint Scanner on the Display

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus comes with an always on Home Button that is touch sensitive. That means the home button works as fingerprint scanner to lock or unlock the device. So we can expect that Samsung will develop a new technology to put the fingerprint scanner on the display.