Why we changed our startup’s name to Omnify

A startup is all about self discovery, finding the problem that you really care about and understanding what the market wants.

On the path to Self discovery, we changed our name from LinkMySport to Omnify recently.

So, why did we do it? Here is our reasoning..

We launched a beta for LinkMySport last year and instead of doing traditional outbound we focussed on Inbound. The idea was that if we are solving a real problem, then there will be people looking for a solution. Our challenge was to get found.

Thanks to Google and Moz, we started getting signups within a few weeks of our beta launch last year. Since then we have signed up over 550 small businesses from 182 cities across 42 countries.

Here is a map for the cities our users have signed up from.

Interestingly, apart from sports academies and facilities (that we were initially targeting), we started getting signups from all different kind of businesses in Fitness, Wellness, Recreation and various other domains.

This included fitness and dance studios, personal trainers, chiropractors, activity organizers for kids and even doctors. The most interesting ones have been Online Support Groups, Dog walking service, Coding Schools, Yoga & Beer club, Co-working spaces, Pole Dancing Studio and a STRIP CLUB, yes you heard that right :) (even they do Pole dancing sessions)

I know.. you get the point, but I also know that you love charts.. we all do ;-)

So, here is a chart to put things in perspective. Simplified distribution of our Signups.

Realization is the first step..

With our older name (LinkMySport) being too descriptive, naturally there was a disconnect for a lot of businesses. Although, we knew this in our gut but going through the data gave us more clarity. This is when we realized that although we had iterated the Product and the Business Model, we didn’t iterate the brand.

“As a Startup, Change is the only constant and is a lever for growth. So, if you are not changing, you are not growing”

So we decided that its time for a change and started brainstorming to find a new name for our company.

Criteria for choosing a new name:

  1. It has to align with our core Ethos, i.e. Work Less Do More.
  2. Should reflect our product philosophy. One, Simple, Integrated Platform.
  3. Should be infinitely scalable so that it can be relevant even after 15–20 years.. like Google :)
  4. Domain & Company name should be available.

After days of discussion, fighting and coffee, we narrowed down to Omnify and here is the thought behind it:

Omni is an Element for word formation which means “All, every, the whole, of every kind”.

Omnify actually resonates with our company & product value pretty well and has infinite scalability as a brand name. It seams easy to pronounce and remember as well as it can possibly be used as a verb :)

About the logo:

The O made of circles signifies multiple entities seamlessly coming together in perfect harmony to complete another entity.

This could be related to a Technology, Platform, Team or a Community.

Choice of Color: Green signifies growth, harmony, ambition, well-being, prosperity, adaptability and brings about a freshness to the brand.

We call this color Fresh Green :)

“Iterating the Brand is as important as Iterating the Product and Business Model”

Taking the plunge…

After deciding the name and the logo, It still took us some time to take the final plunge as we wanted to be sure and we didn’t have a fancy brand agency to guide us through the Re-Branding. It was just me and my Co-founder Kabandi.

I would bounce off the idea to everyone I spoke to and mostly got positive response but not enough to make us take any action.

One fine day I spoke to Indus (who I have been reaching out for advice now and then) and bounced off this idea. With simple words and clarity he said, “If you have to do it, DO IT NOW. It will just keep getting more difficult if you wait.”

And I guess that was the push we needed to jump off the cliff. Thanks Indus :)

Final challenges..

Once we decided we are Rebranding and we are doing it NOW, first thing we did was to check if the domain name was available. Obvious choice was Omnify.com which we were delighted to see that it was available but was on a resale.

We happily requested for a bid and were prepared to pay like 100x more price than a regular domain would cost. But when we got the quote, our jaw dropped and the first thought in my head was, I still have two kidneys.. I just need one ;) It was staggering $80,000.. No kidding.

Soon, I came to my senses and realized I Love Beer.. so lets keep the Kidney and look for alternatives.

Finally we bought two domains within the next 15 mins for $10 a piece and decided to go with getomnify.com telling ourselves that if Pocket (getpocket.com) can do it, so can we. Also, hoping to make enough money one day to buy omnify.com :)

Fortunately Omnify, Inc was available as a company name and we immediately jumped on it. Changing the company name was pretty straight-forward and just took a couple of days (god bless Delaware).

Yay.. we finally rebranded and our new website looked slick… :D

Please check it out (getomnify.com) and do let us know if you feel the same way.. :)

But wait.. Something was wrong.. Oops.. Google was confused now and so were we..

After working hard for a month on the website, content and SEO, we suddenly saw a drop in our Signups. After going through a lot of Re-branding posts we soon knew we did something wrong, the problem was that we didn’t know what.

So, we started to dig deep into learning more on technical SEO (We are still working on it), implementing what we can and then pray that it works. So, after a month-long fire-fighting we are not just back on track, but are doing much better in terms of Inbound Signups.

Finally, we are now Omnify and back on track to changing the world :)

How? well.. if you notice around.. there is a major Shift happening in the world.. As a business, you can either ride the wave or get washed away.

We have some strong beliefs about this shift.. which is a topic for next time :)

Just to give you a little food for thought until then..

“We now live in a Service Economy, that is driven by Digital Experiences that we demand as consumers”

In the next post (hopefully soon), I will share with you what this shift means and how are we at Omnify helping Small Businesses to adapt and take advantage of this change.

Thanks for taking out the time to read this.. I would love to hear any thoughts or comments you have :)

Keep hustling.. and keep iterating.