Kenneka Jenkins And Why We Need To Protect Black Women

Kenneka, a 19 year old African American woman, was brutally murdered and raped. Her mother Tereasa Martin murder was contacted by her friends saying that they could not account for her whereabouts and that they were looking for her but they couldn’t find her. These accounts, reported by the mother, changed very often and there were often missing pieces to their stories. Martin went to the hotel and next morning and confronted hotel workers asking them to show her video footage of the night and asking them to help her look for her daughter.

They refused help or to lift a finger that did not help her in any way. They told her to report it to the police and file a missing person’s report. Then the police arrived at 3 or 4 p.m., mind you, her mother was at the hotel at 5am . They found her body in the freezer at the hotel. The police reported that she locked herself in the freezer, but it made no sense for her to lock herself in the freezer because the freezer doors were double steel doors. Even if she was drunk it would have been difficult to open those doors. Moreover, the freezer doors have an exit button which would have made it easy for someone to leave the freezer.

The story circling social media currently is that she was really murdered and raped by guys that join the party. There’s also a Facebook video filling around that may hold evidence to what happened that night. Her murder is a sign of how black women are the most disrespected race in America. What happened to her shows how the disappearance of black women and their murder is not met with the same ferocity and urgency that is usually met when it happens to white women.

The injustice that this young girl’s legacy is facing in this moment is reflective on what happens so often with black women. The misogyny that surrounds black women is a result of rape culture that makes men blame women who have been raped. The deeply rooted misogynoir in our society makes them blame your clothing and for being too sexual in Instagram photos. Also, women will turn around and say the same thing as a way to side with the same misogynoir that oppresses them as well. These statements are results of the rape culture prevalent in this society.

Moreover to the fact that many people believe that if she pick the right friends this would not have happened. Honestly, the only people who are at fault are the ones who raped this young girl. She did not deserve to die this way and she does not deserve to be forgotten. Her story must be heard because too many times this happens to young girls and it goes ignored. We must remember her name and her face so that people will never forget what happens to black women. We must teach our men to take care of and to protect black women.

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