10 Best Free Tools to Boost Your Facebook Marketing!

The success of content marketing is dependent on various factors like relevant keywords, titles, image and video quality, target audience, device and the list continues. The need for the accuracy of each element has been realized by marketers and has created a separate market segment of numerous tools altogether. Imagine if you have to pay for every tool to create a successful content marketing campaign. Honestly speaking it will eat up most of your marketing budget. In such a competitive scenario there are brilliant tools that will not only give you a competitive edge but moreover, they are absolutely free. Few of such amazing free tools are listed below:

1- Simply Measured- Simply Measured gives you access to reports of content and competitive insights. This tool helps you to analyze before you plan your content strategy. Since the success of your Facebook depends highly on what kind of content influences your audience, this tool comes really handy. Although the deep insight makes the tool very useful, the tool is not completely free. The first report you can access for free but going forward for more reports and analysis you have to buy the tool.

2- Social Frontier Labs— Social Frontier labs is a set of the most powerful research software that assists you in all possible researchers that you can think of using Facebook as a platform. You can find the interest groups you can target for campaigns. You can extract an extensive list of leads according to keywords along with their contact details and contact person. You can analyze people’s sentiments for your content. Not only this, you can also study the pages of your competitors to figure out what is working for them and what online properties they own.

3- Social Mentions- This tool is extremely beneficial in keeping a check on the health of your brand. With Social Mentions, you can know the likelihood of your brand and where you have received negative mentions on social media.

4- Campaign URL Builder- It is easier to track the traffic source when you use customized URL for each marketing platforms. Campaign URL builder helps you to create any number of URL for your various campaigns.

5- ShortStack- Short Stack is a form building app that helps you in creating form based interactive campaigns. The free version of the tool will place a default ShortStack logo. The tool also facilitates you with templates and also campaigns can be created from scratch with the tool.

6- Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator- If you think you are running out of content ideas then this tool is a blessing for you. All you have to do is, share three keywords around which you need the topic and it will suggest you great topics that you can use for creating content.

7- Headline Analyzer- This free tool analyzes your headline and scores it on the basis of its ability to drive traffic, shares and SEO value. Statistically, only 60% of the people clicking into an article read the content beyond the given headline. Therefore the headline becomes one of the important elements for a successful content marketing.

8- Hemingway App- This application is extremely helpful for the content writers. The brilliance of this tool is that it makes your content simpler to read. You just have to copy and paste the content and it will identify the passive voice and hard to read sentences. It gives suggestions to improve the content and readability of the same.

9- PlaceIt- This platform shows you how your image will look across platforms. PlaceIt not only allows you to upload images using any device but also automatically alters the image to look natural across devices.

10- Atlas- With the help of Atlas data center you can search for any keyword or topic, and the tool will give a graphical presentation of recent research data. This is a great research tool for background information on a topic before you start with your project.