To Trump Supporters

The end doesn’t justify the means….

It’s not about being liberal or democrat, it’s not about a man or a woman. It is about being American and being human. It’s about running a campaign that doesn’t involve exploiting people prejudices, hatred. and bringing them to the surface. It is hard to ignore 9 months of hate, vitriol and low life politics coming out of one man, dividing the nation, first during the republican primaries and then during the main election. The end doesn’t justify the means especially when the means are the most bitter, racist and hate filled campaign ever. He went after people’s families, after minorities, after judges and this was during the republican primaries exploiting people’s stupidity and ignorance. Hate and fear mongering has been. tried and helped many leaders succeed in the past. I can name a few in history from Germany to Russia to Italy to Turkey and now America. You may not be a racist or a hate monger but to get your agenda through you support one, what does that say about you?