As it was my first experience to learn Android , in the starting I find it a bit difficult but as I proceed to learn I find it interesting . In the starting weeks ,I go through the basic theoretical concept of android which help me to understand it well. I know theoretical study is boring but yes, it really helped me a lot in understanding. Slowly I started with basic practical work like how to display text and all, like everyone has to start from the low level and than begin to higher level.

There are many things to learn in android like adding animation , sound and many more things. Sometime it is fun while adding animation which generates some unexpected result. The best site to learn android is “Android”. They have given each topic in detail and provided the flow diagram .

In the starting we were given a daily topic for day like one day we were given to read about Fragments .we read what fragment is ,flow to execute h fragment and all the things that were used to create fragment .then on the next day ,we do practical related to that .Which become a easier procedure of learning topics of android.

If anyone wants to learn android ,the best site to prepare is android developer .com which has described each and every topic in detail with syntax and practical example which make more easier to understand the topic .

To run android application there are 2 ways either to run on mobile or on Emulator. If you want to run on emulator then you want install software like blue stack or any other But if you want to run on mobile then you have on the debug mode if mobile and then download the USB device driver of your mobile.

Now, I have started my app which is to record the check in and out time of employee like “Attendance of Employee”. Whenever I get any problem my seniors are always there to help me out which is really good thing .