So what’s this about?

Well. I’ve been looking for sites just to keep memories in the cloud. Something simple. Something easy because what I wanted to do is just store my experiences, and my memories. Probably let anyone know about it if they’re interested. And I’ve found Medium.

My stories will be mostly be about seven things. Food, who doesn’t love food? need I explain this further? Independent Music, and Films/Movies. My love for the independent scene has grown for over the past year. Letting others know their passion and art is my way of supporting them. Travel, Slowly started my journey last 2015 and will spice it up this 2017. Technology and Innovations, I’m an IT guy, can’t help geeking out for some time. And lastly, personal (friendship, thoughts), a little something about me won’t hurt right?

Join me by reading the “Man in Gray”’s logs. (Would have called it Captain’s logs inspired by Star Trek though)


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