Mt. Fato and Mt. Kofafey

Overview: Both these mountains are located in Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province. Easy trail. Great views.

First up, I was not the one who made our itinerary and did not took part to any of the planning. Didn’t do any research on how the climb will go or anything about this beforehand. I wanted to just go for it and try hiking for once. So, my friends did it for me.

Rendezvous is at Ohayami Trans Terminal, Sampaloc, Manila for our transport to Banaue. There are other bus terminals that have trips going directly or passing through (drop-off) Bontoc. And I suggest to do that, you’ll be saving at least around PHP 70–100.

Overlooking Banaue Rice Terraces; Silent Hill Feels
At a viewpoint in Mt. Province; Josie (@travelswithcurlz), our newly met friend

Once you’re in Bontoc, you then ride a Jeepney going to Maligcong. A great place to stay there would be at Suzette’s Maligcong Homestay. Ms. Suzette is very accommodating and she has contacts for the guides as well.

Mako (Makulit), the Guide dog

Mt. Fato

An estimate of no longer than a 2-hour hike to this one. One can reach the top for less than an hour. Mostly pine trees cover the mountain and at the top were various rock formation and I guess that’s why it’s called Fato or something like bato (rock), don’t know the etymology.

@jm.sabariaga ( — can’t get down the tree
Peak of Mt. Fato

Mt. Kofafey

Same with Mt. Fato, an estimate of no longer than a 2-hour hike to this one. Would be better to go up around 3:30 in the morning to catch the sunrise. Passing through the rice terraces is also an option. What I loved about our trip to this mountain were the various plains, the great view, and our guide dogs. Unfortunately, we experienced an absence of the sea of clouds but nevertheless the overlooking of the rice terraces and the sea of clouds to other areas of Maligcong can be seen on the top. Our guide also picked some ‘wild berries’ (I guess) for us. So it wasn’t disappointing at all.

@jenjenarroyo , @trinapineda, and @lmdvillar (me)


We went to Sagada via Jeep in Bontoc for Php 40. What did we do? We ate at Salt and Pepper. My friends were craving for this one and it was my first time in all of the areas (Banaue, Bontoc, Sagada) we’ve went to so I don’t have any complains.

First time at the top of a jeepney; Sagada’s Magic Bus; Gaia @ Sagada (a place that ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ shot on)

Quick Vid:


Php 1590 — Transportation
Php 577 — Food and Drinks
Php 350 — Accommodation
Php 18— Miscellaneous
Php 2535 — Total
**Guide fee not included

Day 0
Php 490 — Bus from Manila to Banaue (Ohayami Bus Terminal)
Day 1
Php 130 — Breakfast at Halfway Lodge and Restaurant, Batad, Banaue
Php 250 — Van from Banaue to Bontoc
Php 135 — Lunch Midtown, Bontoc
Php 20 — Jeep from Bontoc to Maligcong
Php 350–1 night Accomodation at Suzette’s Homestay, Maligcong
Php 117 — Food at Suzette’s
Php 18 — Barangay Entrance Fee at Maligcong
Day 2
Php 20 — Jeep from Maligcong to Bontoc
Php 40 — Jeep from Bontoc to Sagada
Php 125 — Food at Salt & Pepper, Sagada
Php 50 — Lemon Grass Tea at Gaia, Sagada
Php 20 — Water
Php 300 — Bus from Sagada to Banaue
Php 470 — Bus from Banaue to Manila

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