How MLM Startups can Save Thousands with Low-Quantity Distributor Kits

There are few guarantees when it comes to starting a new MLM businesses– except this: your distributor kit will absolutely change. Just let that soak in and don’t worry, we’ll explain how to troubleshoot this problem. At JN Agency, we specialize in the startup direct selling industry and we’ve witnessed this phenomenon time and again. Here’s how you can navigate your changing business during its inception, and how adjusting just one thing can reduce your financial risk.

First, let’s explore why and how you’re almost guaranteed to change your kits– and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


As a new startup, you’re learning how to perfect your marketing message, business model and product(s) to attract great customers and brand ambassadors. Your message evolves, your incentives change, your branded materials get better.

In the digital era, such decisions aren’t made on gut instincts, speculation or subjective opinion, but on evidence. You’re learning what works and what doesn’t– which is a good thing, especially for data-driven leaders who make decisions based on the results of A/B testing.

The concept of A/B testing has become a widely-adapted concept for digital marketers (think of your website, emails and social media), but often times we don’t consider testing printed products as well. In the past, the most cost-effective per-product solution for printed goods was to order in massive quantities (think 10,000 plus) so it’s understandable why it wouldn’t previously be conceivable to consider changes to one’s printed goods. However, today things are different with innovative companies like JN Agency that offer cost-effective small runs of quantities as low as 250, thus making iteration possible.

New startups often evolve their offers, products and message to appeal to their target customers.


All of this change and testing is part of the nature of a startup– and it’s a good thing. As you evolve, your messaging gets stronger. But as you adapt your message, are you considering your omnichannel outreach? For example, as you introduce new incentives on your website, is your distributor kit reflecting those incentives, too? If not, it should be.

One example of disjointed marketing messages we see often is during conference season, which is the best time to introduce new products, offers, promotions and incentives. All of a sudden, you’re updating all of your printed materials along with your website, social media and email marketing– which is important to align your marketing message across multiple platforms. But, what then happens to your old materials? Alternatively, what happens to the time-sensitive materials that you produced just for the conference? In the past brands almost had no choice but to discard materials that were no longer relevant– what a waste of time, resources and money!

So what’s the one thing you can change to avoid wasted cost, time and money? Simple. Purchase your distributor kits in small quantities– made possible by JN Agency.

DS Launch offers innovative solution for 21st century printing: on-demand, low quantity printing solutions


How do we help our clients avoid this unnecessary waste? We print on-demand and in unprecedentedly low quantities. This model allows our clients to:

  • Minimize waste
  • Test new messaging and iterate as needed
  • Make changes to materials on the fly
  • Introduce new materials and products, quickly
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Align their marketing message

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