A word on the Xbox Gamertag Releases

TLDR: If the name is successfully searched for, prepare to wait three hours if someone doesn’t buy it. RIP.

Update: Keep in mind there are “hackers” (I use that term extremely loosely) using programs called “Turbos” which are endlessly, without pause, searching for available Gamertags. The likelihood of you landing a name you want is diminishing by the minute.

Just got of the Help Chat with “Brix” — really gave him a “talking to” and it turns out he shed some light on the reserve system.

The system is set up to do the following.

  • When a GT is searched and comes back “available” regardless of what the tag may or may not be changed to, the “searchee” has 3 hours to pay for the new tag.

My brother and I, sitting next to one another confirmed this. We found a tag that was vague and certainly not in the running for a purchase and then found a three letter GT. I searched for them on my machine and got the approval. A second later and 30 minutes later he searched for it and it said unavailable.

Absolute crap. Essentially people can turbo search for tags, sit on them for three hours and lock people out of the switch.

Great job Microsoft. Image of conversation below.

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