Choosing co-founder

Is your co-cofounder from a techie, marketing or finance.

Co founder

Seems some of the people out of the services come to us and let we find a co-founder. If you see them avoid them let them go don’t go there nobody can find cofounder he is not an employee is not a recruitment firm business.The co-founder is somebody with whom you have already spent part of your life. The fundamental requirement of being a co-founder . People make mistakes seeing ok am a technology person your marketing company is going part together we become co-founder we can’t become cofounder like that absolute last.

The co-founder is somebody with whom already have spent time earlier you may have worked together, you may have gone to college together, you may be in school together, you may have played together, you may have found with each other have missed the data.Customer service provider relationship you could have been competitors it doesn’t matter but it extremely essential that there is a common piece before you ready to appoint somebody

As a co-founder idly co-founder must obviously bring complementary skills to the table we don’t need all four to be this skills write in the code it’s important that there come to different skills.

An idle scenario you want four people somebody coming from a tech background, somebody from marketing, somebody from operations will never happen it would happen in books never happens in reality.

So you keep what you have and then whatever skills you lack you hire those skills good thing is any skill can be hire, any skill that you want for your company for your organization are available outside and can be hired for a price.

“The only thing you can’t hire is your own passion as an entrepreneur you can’t hire that.’’So don’t buy saying odd alone I need marketing support, technology support, I need finance support there all available right just write a cheque people will come. What you can’t do is because you not able to get that to people you will go don’t know but somebody said okay
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