A CEO In search of truth

“ I feel my self-have done a remarkable progress in search of the truth that is my perspective to have succeeded”.This statement of Mr G.v. krishnagopal itself reveals the ideology he is carrying and the values he has pushed down the line in the environment of ALC in last 10 years. An entire day conversation with K.G.( Mr. GV Krishnagopal ) was more like travelling his journey in an abstract. I was feeling the essence of every footstep taken by him.. I recognized later- HE TOOK THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED!
A simple, shy, smiling but dedicated to the cause of community service and deep belief in co-operation were the driving force for him to Start Access Livelihood consulting services. “This is the beautiful eye that captures the beauty of other”, In principal agreement with the statement, KG is doing a business of hope. He Said, “ First we should try to evaluate, why do we think rural people are different. They too are same human being as we are and are equally capable in doing business, this NGO world has developed an image that hopeless people are living in the village, but the reality is a reverse of it. We have made the rural women realize their power and see how smartly they are managing brands like SWAKRISHI”. He calls the marginalised community as partners and not the beneficiaries.
KG highlighted the strength and importance of co-founders to start an organisation. According to him the purpose and value define the objectivity and existence of any organisation. Co-founders are the most valuable assets an organisation can ever have. Organisation carries the values and strength of co-founders and they decide the life of the organization.
KG’s Stresses more on the design of organisation than anything else to develop a visionary organisation. He says, “ My dream is to create an organisation that will be reputed like McKinsey but at the same time grounded in the reality of disadvantaged”. Board of directors ensure the smooth operation of the company and we have made ALC board strengthen enough to deduct the salary of CEO. 40% of his salary was deducted for losses made in last financial year and with this ALC lost the cash reserves of last 10 years. Even CEO is not above the company.
He put emphasis on the importance of being profitable. He finds himself not too concerned with early profits but focusing on organisation building which will last forever. Hs further added CEO is not supposed to make mistakes because ignoring rule once can be the understanding of a CEO but down the line, it gives a message that values can be compromised and it can be really dangerous in long run. 
 He gave emphasis on the importance of friends and relatives for starting an enterprise as they are the first who helps first. An enterprise must define its statement of identity in its early stage only so that it may become easy in long run to take decisions. An entrepreneur must be multitasking so that he/she can understand all the processes of the enterprise. 
He explained, how challenging it was to set up an organisation which is legally a Pvt.Ltd. company but ideologically a trust. For keeping this balance he caped the salary of employees and profit of organisation. 
He is still trying to find out the universal truths in this world while running ALC.