Friends you can count on while you are busy debugging your rails app.

The Rails ecosystem comes with a lot of tools for debugging, but it can be enhanced even further:

Rails Panel

If you are using Google Chrome like me, you can use the Rails Panel plugin in combination with the Meta Request gem to get a Rails Developer Console in your browser. Super sweet!


If I want to look into response headers or other request/response specific information, I use curl in addition to the Chrome Developer Tools:

curl -I ""
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

It is even possible to use the “Copy as cURL” option in the Chrome Developer Tools to get all the parameters necessary to redo some request!


I use Navicat as a multi db frontend. It allows me to inspect what is going on in the database, check query results, indices and create data on the fly. Always have a good client for your data stores available!


I love git! It’s not the most self explanatory tool on the planet but it helps me so much when debugging applications. Just one example here is using git bisect. It executes a command for a range of commits, so that it is possible to find out which commit introduced a problem I am trying to debug.

Resources worth reading

Here are some websites that I rely on.

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