Once Upon a Time in Prague

Where I accidently tested the pastries exclusively baked from haven.

You know how they say that the best things happen unexpectedly. Well It’s true. It was february 2015, I was in prague for a week in hope to find the best this city has to offer me.

During my 30 days euro trip, I had been to many countries, done lots of crazy things, eat plenty of weird and awesome dishes, lived with locals, danced with strangers, laughed till i cried, missed couple of trains and encountered with the people who turned out to be the friends of lifetime but yet the last stop of my trip Prague had something else to offer and I wasn't aware of what was coming my way.

As an asian being first time in prague was totally a majestic experience, the sun sets, the sun rises, the charles bridge at 5:00 am, those hills and parks everything, just everything, made me feel like i was in a new world.

A magical world…

And then one day Trdelník happened. A sweet rolled bread sort of pastry from 17th century. God bless the soul of the man who invented the recipe. A traditional Czech/Slovak cake, originally coming from Transylvania, Romania. Baked right in front of you. No secrets, you get to back it your self, pour the sugar and cinnamon mixed powder on it and roll it near the charcoals until it changes it’s color. Tadaa. It didn't even needed harry’s magic wand.

It was the most delicious sweet, my tasting buds have ever came in contact with…

Many people walk by because You can't even figure out how to buy this strange thing being backed right in front of you on hot rollers over charcoals and fire. But do yourself a favor next time when you see something like this anywhere in europe and try it. It’s a good stuff, even better with hot red wine in winters.

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