Why is “Now” the right time to be Spiritual?

I was 19 years old when I did my first Art Of Living Course. First day, I was reluctant. I felt I am in the wrong place. Every second of the four hour course felt like a torturous Hitler-ish gas chamber.

As the course got over, I got a taste of what Spirituality meant. For one who was absolutely averse to even experiencing an S of Spirituality, this was a sea change in her beliefs.

It upgraded my life to the next level. It gave me comfort, happiness ( Not that I wasn’t happy; this was another level of happiness altogether ) and an unbelievable strength.

After 5 years; I have come to believe that only the brave ones can understand and adopt spirituality in their lives. Oh, and the intelligent ones. I want to laugh at my friends who say “ Spirituality is not for me “, “ Oh, you meditate twice a day? “, “ Who has time for all this, I will do this after 6o years!”, “This is for people who are depressed. I am happy.” It feels stupid to me. Why wouldn’t anyone want to better their lives? And Spirituality for depressed people feels like a complete hoax.

A lot of us want to be like all the successful people we meet or hear about. Most of them are spiritual. Many of them meditate. And if you think you shouldn’t be worrying about your mental health, read what happened to Deepika Padukone. But only a few of us want to chose to do what they do. Under the pretext of staying in the “society” a lot of people I know shy away from it. “What will my parents/wife/husband/friends say about me?”

Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs bring out temporary spiritual elements in you causing permanent emotional and mental damage to your intelligence and consciousness in general. That is why , perhaps, people find solace and comfort in them. I am not against them who resort to this. I have had best of my friends enjoying this! Maybe Spirituality is not as widely available as these are, they don’t find it “cool”, or don’t want to “try” it.

There are so many unseen dimensions to your life, its unbelievable, impossible to decipher. Spirituality gives you a glimpse of that. And once you experience these dimensions, it is difficult to go back to the old way of life you once lived. It was difficult for me. Spirituality has changed me, shook me to the core and made me a better person in every way.

So, if you are “one of those” who say “I am exceptional, this is not for me”- reconsider. Please.

Today or 5 years later or maybe 10; you are going to need this. But I think everyone needs it right now.

Go Spiritual! It’s way more fun than watching the AIB Roast ;)

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