Of Never-ending Goodbyes.

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Dear Bacchas,

My calendar tells me that you graduate in exactly a month from now (??!!!). I had saved the date so I could take a leave from my adult-life and come cry more than I did on both my graduations put together.

[Grandma crib alert: Wasn’t it just yesterday that my batch was hesitant to share the campus with you, but then also made welcome cards all night before you entered the next morning? And has it really been that long since I held extra office hours to talk to you about everything under the roof?

So many of you have played such important roles in making my Ashoka journey what it was. …

Good Stuff: December’18

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  1. The Death of An Ashokan Ethos

(“We no longer let ourselves be swayed in empathizing with unconventional opinions, no longer unlearn our assumptions till we don’t have beliefs anymore — only to then build them back up with rigor and conviction. Doubt is no longer the defining state of the Ashokan mind. There is no longer a defining state of the Ashokan mind.”)


2. The Skilled And The Schooled

(“These divisions enforce social and knowledge hierarchies. Simply put, most elites do not consider the knowledge that most people possess in contemporary India to be legitimate or deserving of equal standing with formal knowledge. …

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1. This Library Has New Books by Major Authors, but They Can’t Be Read Until 2114

(“Hope is a quiet and melancholic affect, an ethical position that is defined by a horizon of impossibility rather than action. Hope does not agitate. It does not incite opposition; it is often touted as transcending politics”)

“The reconstitution of hope is an artistic task; indeed, it is art’s only possible gift to the future”)


2. I. Finalists Of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards


II. 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest


3. Make Peace With One Thing to Get More Out of…


Manisha Koppala

i'm a happy person. i'm happy in my rage.

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