5 App building tools to make your App Attractive

There are a lot of tools that makes it easy to build and market apps that you build. App building tools are available in plenty. It takes a lot of hardwork, engineering and design, talent, a lot of bucks and time. Here are five tools that make app development process less complex.

App Building Tools

Use these App building tools and cut down on time and get more innovative. These App building tools will assist you in creating animated prototypes, building screenshots for the App Store, design mock-ups from the phone directly.

5 App building tools that you must try

App Screenshot Builder

Get your App Store page images in a few minutes

App Screenshot Builder

Building an app is a difficult task as it is. Once the app is ready to be launched on the App Store, you have to get the screenshots. Making screenshots for the display in the App Store to portray the functionality is a very tedious task. It can take hours together if you have to do it on your own. App Screenshot Builder is a great app from LaunchKit that helps you create screenshots of the app in a few minutes. Create scrennshots for all the iPhone sizes, choose from the pre-defined layouts to get exactly what is required for your app, you can also co-edit the design with the other developers of th team. It costs around $49/year and is quite worth it for the hassle you are saved from.

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Adobe Comet

Designing and prototyping end-to-end

Adobe Comet Screenshot

Comet is to be launched in 2016 and a lot of people are very excited to be using it. This is the latest addition to the Adobe family. Comet will help you from wireframing and prototyping to interaction sharing and designing. Get to check out the live preview of the progress in real time, add interactions seamlessly, add animations and check out how the users will see the design, share your work with other members of the team and let them share their thought about the design.

Comet can be integrated with Photoshop and Illustrator easily. It seems to be like a mixture of Sketch and InVision. In case you love using these two tools then it is worth trying out Comet when it rolls out this year.

Flinto for Mac

The most awaited prototyping tool for designers

Flinto for Mac

In case you are on a quest to build a fully animated prototype for the app you are building then you must try Flinto for Mac. Using this tool you can build app transitions with no programming support needed. Build between screen navigation that is controlled by swipe or tap gestures and also scroll areas with layers.

Flinto is a must have if you aren’t a designer or programmer but you want to build a prototype that lets you attain proof of concept.

Facebook Design Resources

Design resources from the designer of Facebook at one place

Facebook Design Resources

Facebook team has made quite a few of their design resources open source. The team wrote,

“Most people find this file useful for mocking up apps. Others use it to concept ideas or create custom interface elements that work harmoniously with those native to iOS. Whatever your use, we hope you make good stuff with it.”

It doesn’t matter if you are a designer who uses Photoshop or Sketch, if you are looking for some tools to create an iPhone or Apple Watch mockup you have it here for sure. These resources are dedicated to aid designers and make it easy for them to conceptualise the app ideas for the products.

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Mockup quick designs directly on your smartphone


In case you need to create a quick mockup on your smartphone then you must use Napkin. This is a tool that lets you take control over other layers to make the design pop. Play with colours, shapes fonts, photos and icons. This tool is useful when it comes to conveying a visual idea and removing the guesswork associated. Work creatively with this app and have fun.

Get heard. Do you know any other design tools that are fun to work with? Let us know by commenting in the section below.



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