6 Great Android apps on Google Play that you must try this week

Google Play is updated with all the latest Android Apps every day. There are quite a few apps that make a stand. Other apps just go unnoticed. Our aim is to create awareness about the new launches for our readers exclusively, so that they can stay updated of everything that is happening in the Android world. Here are the apps that hit Google Play over the week and are worth giving a try.

List of Android apps that you should try:

Invi SMS Messenger


Invi SMS Messenger is a free messaging Android app that comes with a variety of features that include light, dark, nature and some pop themes along with some great customization that is inclusive of fonts, sounds, bubble colors, inbox styles and a lot of other features. The interface is a combination of custom design with Material Design elements baked in for good measure and also perfectly blends in. The app is a selection of some mini-apps that also work with the main app with YouTube player, Buzzfeed with a great experience. The most recent update comes the app group messaging. It is one of the best entertaining SMS apps that is interesting. It is a free app available on Google Play.

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This puzzle app is a new Android app that has a lot of things going on. The puzzle game is all about controlling a yellow circle in an orbit at a centre point. Tap each of the sides of the screen and control the orbit path and the speed at the same time avoiding blocks that you have to encounter when it comes bouncing at the square that encompasses the circular path. You can change the settings to other difficult modes with leaderboards and a few easy controls that serves as a good time waster. It is free to download.

Google Indic Keyboard

Tech giant Google has released the new Google Indic Keyboard that is a version of the official Android keyboard. It works for Indic languages. It also supports plenty of other languages that includes Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and others. The app works effectively and does what it is meant to do. The app has the capability to spell out the words phonetically by using English. There is also a handwriting mode and Hinglish mode. The Android app is free and has a lot of features to offer.


The perfect retro arcade game in which you have to fall down to complete the levels. Downwell has charming retro graphics. It is also designed with simple on-screen controls that can be a virtual treat. Just as you fall you can you will find optional rooms for the required powerups, bad guys, other obstacles and various platforms. Attack your enemies by hovering using the gumboots. It is a fast paced game that is also easy to play. The Android app costs about $3.00 and there is no in-app purchases.



Weareal is a live 3D set of Android wear watch faces that looks as realistic as possible. It does justice to the Wear watch face and also looks pretty good. The watch contains Google Fit info, battery level, temperature and other statistics. Weareal is expected to be compatible with most watches with both circular and rectangular screens. It can be freely downloaded and tried out.

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Digimon Heroes

It is a great card collecting game. It comes with more thean thousand Digimon for the user to collect and enhance it with other techniques like Digivolve and Digifuse. There are various types of opponents to be battled and a lot of content to play through. It does come through a few pitfalls. But that can be surpassed. It isn’t all that bad.

Get heard. Are there other Android apps that are trending for the week. Let us know by commenting in the section below.



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