Airmail for iOS is here: Get ready to do everything with this email app

With every popular email app there is something special in terms of innovation. Email apps had simplicity, snoozes and intelligent cards and bundles changing the way we work with electronic mail. That doesn’t give us a reason to overlook the launch of Airmail for iOS, just because it doesn’t have any standout feature. But here’s news. Airmail for iOS does something that all the other mobile apps have not dared to do. Airmail for iOS just lets you do anything that you want.

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Similar to Airmail for OS X, probably the best of Mac email clients for a couple of years, Airmail for iOS comes packed with a great number of options. It has snoozes, filters, integration with third-party-applications and a whole lot of other things. Things that you could not have imagined that includes setting per notification sound to bouncing email and then altering Gmail folder mappings. It comes coupled with a whole lot of customizable options that any mobile app could have.

Airmail for iOS

Airmail’s options that are endless is what most developers are suspected to be embarrassed to ship. The app’s designer is expected to know everything about the app right? It is the designer who decides which button is to placed at which place, what the interface looks like and what are the most needed options. For most of the cases all this is a good start. But too many of the choices can muddle up an app and make it unusable as it is confusing. With Airmail you will not have any clutter as it manages to customize options. Customising an app by downloading gaming skins, installing third-party-drivers could actually add a lot of functionality and also be fun.

Suit your preferences with Airmail

A lot of things can be changed in Airmail to make it suitable for your preference. Change what happens next when you swipe an email, choose to enable and disable of actions related to sharing and starring. Also decide how to sort and reorder multiple core menus. You can also turn off Airmail’s automatic settings that can pull up inbox filtering options. Choose the colour labels so that it is more appealing.

What the developers of Airmail have to say….

It feel like the developer’s haven’t decided one specific direction. Instead they have chosen to throw themselves in all directions.

Leonardo Chiantini, Co-developer of Airmail for iOS app said,

“People have different needs; We think that with email,[everyone takes] a very, very different approach; We know we can’t be liked by everybody”

Airmail for iOS | Availability

Airmail for iOS works for iPhone and Apple Watch. An iPad version is to come later. It costs about $4.99 per download.

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Wrap up:

Airmail is an email app for iOS that suitable for professionals working with their inbox regularly. It is not an app that everyone should use. It is large in terms of functionality and sometimes rough around the corners. But for some it could quite be the reason why they would love to use it. Airmail could be the app for you when you have a lot of email stacked up and will let you work exactly the way you want to.

Get heard. Voice your opinion in case you are an Airmail user. Let others know the pros and cons of Airmail. Let us also know by commenting in the section below.



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