End your photo mess with Monument photo storage and management device


A picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs have become very important. So is the memory on your mobile device. You needn’t negotiate between pictures and photo storage any more. We are taking photos everywhere. It has almost become inevitable. We constantly pose to smartphones, digital cameras and action cams capturing the best moments of our life. Most of us always have a problem with photo storage, organising and accessing these photos later. It often takes a computer or a lot of time to get these done. There are cloud services that come with an app and kind of provide a solution. But nothing comes free. The cloud services need to be subscribed for and needs us to pay a monthly charge to maintain our data. Forget about the whole privacy thing. You must be wondering all the time, is the cloud service secure enough.

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Monument | New age photo storage

We need to accept that the tools needed for photo storage hasn’t developed equally like the cameras and photo editors have evolved. That’s the whole thing with Monument. It manages photos and videos just as easy as we take them.


Monument has taken all efforts to sync photos across all your devices. Monument’s syncing and private storage isn’t new, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sorts your images using date, location or people in the images. Filter results more easily by specifying just the name or a location.

Monument gathers your photos-> Organises them automatically -> Lets you enjoy them anywhere

Monument photo storage App

The Monument app can identify faces, the location the photo was taken and sort images based on the devices that you used to click the image. It also provides a Time Machine like feature and takes you back in time up to a decade.

Apart from syncing photos through the cloud, Monument supports WiFi and also external SD cards that lets you transfer files. The Monument app on iOS and Android automatically transfers photos and videos from the phone to the device. You can also view all your memories on any smartphone or tablet. Also view them on a bigger TV screen using the HDMI cable.

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Monument as a backup

Having a backup is mandatory. When it comes to backing up photos and videos we often forget to keep a copy handy. Monument offers local backup and remote backup. The best part is that it is also scalable. Plug in external storage drives through a USB that is available. You can also make one drive a RAID-1 backup. Monument can also automatically backup stuff to other Monument devices that you own.

Monument is a lot like Google Photos, but lets you take control. Monument’s Kickstarter Campaign lets you own one for $79. It is most likely to be available by September 2016.

Get heard. Do you know other photo storage devices and services that are similar to Monument? Let us know by commenting in the section below.

Originally published at techliveinfo.com on February 19, 2016.

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