Follow these steps to Schedule Gmail Messages using Google Sheet

All of us have wanted to send an email message in Gmail at a later time and date. A birthday wish may be. You could want the email to be delivered on some other day. Alternatively you could also want to send an email that you have written earlier and you wish to schedule the delivery to the recipient at their respective time zone when the message is intended to be read.

Schedule your Gmail

There is an in-built scheduler in MS Outlook that lets you delay the delivery of an email by scheduling it. Once you are done with writing the email message you have to hit the send button, but the email message isn’t delivered immediately. The email message stays in the outbox and is sent at the specific time and date that the sender has set automatically.

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However this kind of service isn’t provided Gmail. Gmail does not have a feature to schedule an email message for later. There are a few browser extensions like Right Inbox, Sidekick and Boomerang that allows you to specify a date and time for the message that sits in the outbox to be sent later. The drawback with these services is that they are subscription based and also only allow you to send a limited number of scheduled email messages for a period of time. The other major drawback is that you got to let third-party to access your Gmail account in order to schedule email messages to be sent later.

Schedule Gmail Messages to be sent later

In case you are very concerned about providing access to your Gmail account to third-party then there is yet another way to Schedule Gmail Messages through Google Sheets.

Schedule a Gmail Message through Google Sheets

Simple steps to Schedule Gmail Messages

  • Compose the Gmail messages that you would like to be deliver later.
  • Save the message in the drafts.
  • Then in the next step specify the date and time exactly for the email message in the Google sheet.
  • With Google Scripts the email message will be delivered automatically to the intended recipient.

Gmail Scheduler

Gmail Scheduler is available for free. It is also available in a premium edition. In the premium edition you can schedule more emails. With the premium edition you can also schedule recurring messages that have to be sent on daily basis, weekly basis and also monthly basis. It also lets you send email messages from other accounts that are associated with your Gmail account and you can further opt for one-on-one support.


  • Gmail and Google Apps support
  • You can schedule upto minimum 20 Gmail messages
  • You can schedule recurring emails in Gmail
  • Lets you change the sender’s email by using alternate email id
  • Makes a log of all the scheduling activity for later use
  • Comes with an installation manual in PDF
  • Help and support offered through out

Schedule Gmail messages is simple steps:

  1. Go to your Gmail account and compose the messages that you want to be scheduled.
  2. Don’t click on the send button as yet.
  3. Retain the email message in the Drafts folder of your Gmail account.
  4. The draft messages can have added attachments, signatures and also inline images.
  5. Ensure that the draft message has the recipient’s email address specified.
  6. Make a copy of the Gmail Scheduler sheet in your Drive on Google by clicking here.
  7. Go to File -> Spreadsheet Settings. Then select the current timezone from the dropdown menu. The emails will be scheduled in that particular timezone.
  8. Go to Scheduler Menu -> select Authorize and ensure to grant all the permissions needed for scheduling.
  9. Go to Scheduler Menu -> select Fetch Messages and import all the Draft messages from the Gmail account to the Google Sheet.
  10. Set the schedule time and date in the D-column of the spreadsheet. Double click the cell and use the date picker or enter the date and time in the correct format.
  11. Go to Gmail Scheduler -> Schedule Messages and run the scheduler. Close the spreadsheet and then it will send the email messages to the recipients at the right time and date automatically.

*Note: Once you have scheduled an email message in Gmail, ensure not to edit the Gmail draft message. If it is edited it will be removed from the corresponding queue. In case you want to edit the draft message or if you want to change the delivery time that the message has been scheduled then you have to fetch the draft again and the reinitialise the queue.

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Wrap up:

With the free edition of Gmail Scheduler you can schedule up to 20 email messages. To be able to schedule more messages try out the premium edition. With Google Sheets you can Schedule Gmail messages and let the scheduler do the work for you.

Get heard. Do you think it is useful to schedule messages is Gmail? Do you know of other ways to schedule messages to be sent later. Let us know by commenting in the section below.

Originally published at on January 8, 2016.

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