FreeCharge Issues More Than 500 Thousand FreeCharge Go Cards in Just 10 Days

FreeCharge has been receiving a warm welcome from its users for its new virtual card ” FreeCharge Go “. In just 10days after its launch, FreeCharge has crossed more than half a million of its users using its new virtual card. The company claims that they now have an over 20 million user base and does over a million transactions every day. FreeCharge is one among the leading mobile wallet and digital payment platforms in the India.


FreeCharge Go is a very useful and handy feature launched by FreeCharge. It was launched by the company on 21stJanuary 2016 in partnership with Yes Bank. The new virtual card is powered by MasterCard, and can be used for online payments only as of now. The card will work for online payments like any other card, and can be used in any sites which accept MasterCard. The virtual card is integrated into the FreeCharge app system in such a way that any user can easily create and top up a virtual card in seconds using their FreeCharge wallet.

Freecharge Go

To do any online payment using the FreeCharge Go virtual card, the user will have to enter the 16 digit FreeCharge Go virtual card number at the checkout page of any Indian shopping website or app. Then an OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number on FreeCharge. Enter the OTP received and you can complete the transaction. The virtual card cannot be used for offline payments yet like other regular debit or credit cards.

Freecharge Go

The new virtual card was launched at a time when most of the Indian online websites were going on with major sales, and hence received a very good response from the consumers. The card makes the last mile problem of payment much more easy and reliable. The Chief Operating Officer of FreeCharge, Mr. Govind Rajan says that their goal is to become the digital payment operating system of the country, and hence become a front runner in the digital India campaign. With the introduction of the new product, FreeCharge intends to create a digital payment ecosystem, which can compete with the ecosystem of cash.

The FreeCharge Go cards can be also used on any other websites that are considered to be competitors to Snapdeal, the parent company, and hence the new initiative increases the revenue opportunities for FreeCharge. The competitors which did not encourage FreeCharge now cannot do it as the FreeCharge Go cards works pretty much the same way like any other MasterCard.

Freecharge Go

For now, the FreeCharge Go cards cannot be used on international payment gateways. This means, on services such as Google Play and App Store, you won’t be able to make payment using the FreeCharge Go card. This is because of some regulations which are in place for mobile wallets in international payment gateways. When these regulations open up for the wallet, they will be usable across country barriers.

Originally published at on February 17, 2016.

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