The Better Online Portal offers ” Coupon codes ” to buy products in discounted online price

E-commerce or online shopping is of great trend in these days. The scenario of buying things offline has been changing now. The reason for the change can be attributed to price, replacement, returns, exchanges, on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, etc. Though, one of the few drawbacks includes returns once the item is found defective after payment and delivery is a major concern. This is why people prefer direct shopping in retail market, so that they can check the item before paying and get it delivered.

The giants of e-commerce area are boosting up their sales and increase their customer quantum by offering discounts and easy returns and replacements. This is one major criterion which pulls customers into their buying zone. The other concern is over the payment i.e. usage of debit/credit cards and Netbanking. To ease the business, e-retailers have introduced cash on delivery as a new form of shopping to get the trust of consumers. Though the e-market companies have gained trust worthiness and confidence over buying online, no e-merchant has introduced check and pay delivery which is a must expected facility for a customer. Eventhough, traders have so many options that include replacement and/or returns on condition i) item defective ii) damaged during shipping iii) item not met the quality iv) wrong item delivered and v) item no longer needed.

The above said conditions are valid and consumers are in mind-set of taking any one of the terms said above. But, no cracker vendor has come out with an option of Coupon codes that makes consumers hassle free from high prices. Few start-ups have also the listed options but their customer service will be very poor and the consumer has to be behind them to get a return or refund. Few other sellers do not take return on their own where they demand the consumer to return on their own through parcel services which is another head-ache for a client. To avoid such nuisances, people prefer to buy offline.

But, an e-commerce online cracker giant has come out with a choice of making Coupon codes and door delivery. This is a welcoming one and will be a trend in the next few years, where other giants will also introduce this feature to gain consumer base and confidence.

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