A New Educational Model
Chris Jagers

Hi Chris, while I love the Khan Lab School, I just want to point out that this is not in fact a new educational model. The one-room schoolhouse, a personalized, differentiated, mixed-age environment is the foundation this country was built on. Indeed, in 1930, there were 190,000 one-room schoolhouses in the United States, but as families moved to cities, schooling became centralized. Even now 945,000 preschoolers go to school in their provider’s home (this is called a family based daycare). Of the 2.2 million homeschoolers, a population growing by 15% annually, almost 50% attend what’s referred to as a homeschool coop or cottage school, a part-time school often run by a sole provider. As we see the tech industry develop fancy solutions to the education crisis, let’s not forget that this is happening on a massive grassroots level through the incredible energy of independent teachers and parents. Would be happy to discuss this movement in greater detail with you at any time if you’re interested to learn more.

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