Our mission is to give every child the chance to thrive

CottageClass Mission statement

Our mission is to give every child the chance to thrive.

Our vision is give every child access to an education that will support their natural love of learning and empower them to reach their full potential through a supportive network of exceptional teachers, healthy peer groups, supportive community of families, personalized instruction and safe spaces conducive to learning so that they will have amazing childhoods and also develop into autonomous, creative, joyful adults who make a positive impact in their community and world and are always excited to learn and grow.

We empower families to provide the gift of a great education to their child by supporting them in making informed choices and tracking their child’s progress and customizing our offerings to their needs.

We empower great teachers and attract more teachers to the profession by giving them autonomy, creative control and the ability to earn a wage that is aligned with their considerable contributions to children and society.

It is our belief that every child has an intense desire within them to learn and grow and is the sole job of the teacher and network of mentors to support and foster that natural curiosity. Through this approach, we aim to develop a society of compassionate, critical thinkers with the power to build a sustainable society and world.

Learn about how we are bringing personalized, affordable education to families with young children by empowering teachers to start their own microschools!