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Yes,it’s testing time all over the globe because #Corona is spreading fast and #SocialDistancing is the need of hour. Fair Enough !

And many of us do not have anyone to listen to. Well, I am here to listen to you in these testing times

Different Governments are taking essential preventive measures to contain it and public #support is the only solution in sight.

The Reality of Testing Times

Now, as for #workingfromhome, the salaried are not to be worried as they probably won’t face a pay cut and they can continue to take care of their other stuff than thinking about the money.


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What is Mindful Parenting & what are the Affirmations?

To understand this, let’s deep dive briefly into “Mindfulness” — A practice that helps us to re-wire our brain network, understand our thoughts — positive, negative & the ones that come and go, help us in developing an empathetic attitude towards situations in general. It helps us to develop a non -judgmental attitude towards our own self & others. Perfect Affirmations for Mindful Parenting !

Brief deep dive into “Parenting” — A life-long process from planning, conception, birth & raising the child. The first 3 parts of this process are relatively easy & the…

woman leaning against wall facing down & depressed
woman leaning against wall facing down & depressed

Many a times, I have been asked about Depression ! This is an importantly eternal topic all over the globe — How to overcome depression? How to do it? Well, I should tell you at least 6 steps to counter Depression! Read Along.


See how it arises. See what happens first.

A painful feeling first appears & immediately after, there is tension (depression) in your mind.

Then thoughts and a habitual tendency to control feelings begin to appear, and this causes these feelings to become even more intense.

And this in turn leads to the birth of action.

“Leave me…

Acceptance , whether you have to accept someone else or your own self, this is difficult. Yes, it certainly is difficult to learn the art of accepting.

Theory of art of Accepting

Let me tell you it’s a two way traffic , more like a give & take relationship because to develop or learn the art of accepting, you have to first learn to let go & the one thing that should be abandoned in the process is your EGO

If you realize, acceptance is not difficult but to shed your ego is difficult, and that makes the entire process…

The relationship of mindfulness (the art of developing non-judgmental attention towards self & others, which results in mind relaxation) & sensory organs is very important to understand this deeply.

Let us list down the sensory organs contributing to Mindfulness:

They all play an equally important role in your mindfulness journey. Once you read below, am sure you will be able to establish the relation between Mindfulness & Sensory Organs. Let’s see how.

When you are ALL EARS!

When was the last time you heard the birds chirping? The answer probably would be “We don’t remember”.In bigger metros, the daily life may be devoid of hearing the birds chirp, owing to traffic noise.

Try visiting a…

I asked someone whom I met very recently “Have you muted your Notifications today?”

The usual look & the obvious question was “What is it that you are talking about? Why mute them?”

Little did the person realize that we were discussing something important & the notifications were coming continuously — Well that’s their job & they would come.

That’s probably not the problem but the real problem is that each time a notification arrives, you tend to look at it, even if you wouldn’t reply instantly.

THE DISTRACTION : Yes, it’s more than enough to distract you from your focus job, the rhythm breaks.

Not just at meetings but even in your daily tasks — professional or…

Manish Bhatia

Contributing to world peace, culture and education, the aim is to create happiness around us as a Certified Mindfulness Trainer.

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