Great work on this, it’s a big improvement to the usability.
Isaac Bennetch

Thanks :) I have faced some issues while adding left and right scrolling icon and its functionality but with little more debugging I have made it possible.

Next while working on table structure page when I have written this in js/menu-resizer.js the icons are loading n number of times where n is number of columns in the table. It was working fine on all pages except table structure page.


I think this might be an bug or it is there to make some functionality working. I am not sure about this.

So to keep it working I replaced it with below lines.


Last issue that I faced was while adding scrolling inside the fieldset tag seems like the width in percentage was not working so I used javascript here to implement this.

var windowwidth = $(window).width();
$('#responsivetable').css('max-width', (windowwidth - 35 ) + 'px');

Rest all implementation were straight forward. Just needed some debugging on browser developer tools.

Also I have made some standards for how I am naming the new classes the details of which I will add after completing it because I think more will come as I keep working on it.