Twitter Might Expand Character Limit To 10K

Manish Dhane
Feb 2, 2016 · 2 min read

Most unique trait of Twitter which separates it from other conventional social networks is its character limit. You get 140 characters to express yourself, and that’s it. But according to current rumors surrounding the social-sphere, this is going to get changed.

Twitter Might Expand Character Limit To 10K

There is no need to go and check your Twitter right now if you are getting big chunks of texts floating around your feed, but Twitter is considering increasing the limit of a tweet from 140 characters to a whopping 10,000 characters. But it will just show the first 140 characters with space if you are interested to read rest of the tweet you can expand it.

Twitter started as a microblogging platform not as a social media, but by the time it grew as a unique social media platform. With a limited amount of characters, people started to express themselves on Twitter, and also news reads got quicker as a comparison to other conventional ways. You don’t have to read the whole thing if you are in a hurry just go through the crucial part of the information and read the whole thing later. Increasing the limit to 10000 characters is totally contradict the core character of Twitter.

What is the need to take this kind of step? Easy to raise more funds, to attract more users and keep “trending” as we say in Twitterverse. Recently Twitter announced poor user base growth and weak third quarter forecast, which caused shares fall of more than 2%. It also diminished the news of the return of Jack Dorsey as CEO. Twitter is focusing on keeping visitors to spend more time by increasing the character limit. Also, you may have seen that going to a person’s account for a tweet it shows a promotional tweet below it. This likely will provide promoters more resources to promote their products/services and Twitter users more room to share their views.

It is not clear right now that when this new feature is going to make its first appearance on Twitter, but rumors are that we might get to see it in somewhere around March 2016. Well, the good news is these tweets are not going to be auto load like the auto play videos of some other social media platform (ahmmmmFB). So we don’t have to read the rambling of some guy about politics we followed on Twitter.

So what do you think about expressing yourself in 10000 characters let me know?

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