Panic disorder affects approximately six million adults in the United States, which means that these people experience panic attacks. A panic attack is a sudden feeling of intense fear, and it is a serious problem even though it isn’t technically life-threatening.

Signs of a Panic Attack

One of the biggest problems with helping someone during a panic attack is that they can display physical symptoms that are also signs of a cardiac episode. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Numbness
  • Chest pains
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath

If you think someone is having a panic attack, ask if they’ve…

Workplace inequality can lead to dissatisfied employees, animosity between workers, and sometimes results in lawsuits over discrimination. Unhappy employees often underperform, and the turnover rate is typically higher than in less-stressful environments. Every business owner, corporate manager, and CEO should strive to create a fair and equal work environment for everyone.

Close Pay Gaps

Review all employee salaries and compare them with the responsibilities, seniority, and skills of each person. Correct any pay gap that seems to penalize older employees, women, or other groups. …

Great progress has been made in recent years to treat various mental health disorders that, in the past, would have negatively impacted a person’s life. Medication for specific disorders, combined with therapy, make life easier for a person who struggles with depression, anxiety, and other illnesses.

While science and medicine shed light on mental health, there remains a lack of progress when it comes to overcoming the social stigma many people hold towards strugglers. It’s nothing new; humans tend to fear what they do not understand, and as a result, they avoid or mock it.

Here are some ways we…

Activists work to promote specific causes that are intended to make the world a better place for everyone. From addressing issues of racial injustice to raising environmental awareness, there are many causes where activists are needed continuously to spread the word and inspire other people to support the movements. These tips can help any aspiring activist practice positive activism.

Get Educated on the Issues

Gaining as much knowledge as possible can enable activists to do their work better. Activists will have an easier time gaining more supporters for their cause if they are able to convey the objectives in a…

2020 has been a challenge for everyone. Whether it’s extreme weather, COVID-19, or changes to the business world, people have been hit hard. That’s one reason that mobile apps for mental health are more important than ever. These are excellent resources for people who have been feeling isolated, anxious, or depressed due to these unprecedented conditions.

Anxiety Reliever

There are plenty of excellent mental health apps available to the public. Each is a little bit different. Anxiety Reliever helps people to track their feelings and see why and when they become anxious. The app also gives users relaxation exercises. …

Social media and social justice activism have been working coherently since the Arab spring protests in 2010 and from 2013’s hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. During both events, hashtags and social media were instrumental in glamorizing social justice movements offline. They have also inspired the sprout of social media activism such as #Lovewinsto, #TimesUpto, and #FridaysForFuture.

There are business perks for taking part in social media. About two-thirds of customers believe it’s essential for brands to give their take on social concerns. This post explains how to use social media for social justice activism.

Ensure Your Activism is Inclusive and Accessible

The best…

Stress levels at rising at a rapid rate due to current world circumstances. Social distancing regulations, anxiety over falling sick, work, and unemployment are just a few of the daily stressors we are all facing. Instead of letting whatever is worrying you cause you mental and, eventually, physical anguish, learn ways to help you quickly relax. Consider using these relaxation techniques when stress threatens to push you over the edge.

Deep Breathing Exercises

It’s impossible to feel stressed out, anxious, or afraid when you are breathing in enough oxygen and continuously absorbing it. This is referring to breathing done to…

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the ever-worsening divide between the ultra-wealthy and everyone else. While the class divides that threaten global political stability have existed long before the pandemic broke out in early 2020, the ramifications of the disease and the worldwide response to it have illuminated just how large the division has become between different classes.

In this article, we’ll discuss how COVID-19 has exposed rampant inequality in the West and, indeed, throughout the world and how it threatens to make the conflict even worse.

“Essential” vs “Non-Essential”

While the concept of maximizing social distancing through the forced…

Anxiety is a mental and emotional state where a person feels varying degrees of worry and fear. It could be the result of stressing over an anticipated outcome or possible “failure”. Anxiety could also be the result of personal triggers and fears. For instance, those with a fear of speaking publically say that they feel anxious prior to giving a big presentation in from of their class. Fortunately, there are several different methods and breathing techniques that can be used to reduce anxiety and the physiological effects that accompany stress. The following are a few key practices to reduce anxiety:

The United States is home to five percent of the world’s population, yet it houses ¼ of all the world’s prisoners. There is a great inequality behind these figures and it starts years before we even put someone in a jail cell.

It’s a proven fact that people without a proper education are much less likely to get a decent job. This, in turn, means a lack of proper housing and a loss of hope for the future. All of this culminates in a higher probability to commit a crime. The way that American society is structured puts minorities at…

Manish Gaur

Based in Colorado, Manish Gaur is an advocate for those battling mental health & social justice issues. To learn more, visit

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