A Bad Habit We Must Avoid at all Costs

One bad habit which I feel I and a lot of us have is that we want to put our feet in many things at the same time. We feel we do this to hedge our risks, i.e. we feel that atleast one of them will work and give us a return. However, the downside is that we are not able to fully commit to something and hence the chances of succeeding in any become lower.
 At a few times in my career till now, I have been found guilty of doing 2 things at the same time. I used to feel that I need to push either upto a certain point and will take a decision once I see either of them moving faster and reaching some scale. This has backfired for me and I now understand where I was going wrong. Once you commit to something, you should fully back it. A lot of ‘noise’ will be around you which will try to sway your focus. One should channelize all our efforts and energy in one direction, especially at a startup stage, to better our chances of succeeding.

Originally published at etrlearning.blogspot.in on March 16, 2016.

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