Startup Model — Borrowing from Neighbors in 30 minutes

The Model: This involves getting users to borrow things from people in the neighborhood. Typical products which can be borrowed include products for home improvement, gardening, moving home, organizing parties etc.

Startup Doing It: Peerbuy (Dutch Startup).

What I Like:

Core Idea — The basic premise of saving money by not buying things and borrowing them from neighbors is good.

Scalable — Since the concept is a P2P model and is targeting no particular demographic, scaling potential is good and relatively easier.

High Engagement Model — Once a habit is formed, there are many use cases for a single user.

My Concerns:

Revenue Model — Since borrowing involves no commercial value, revenue model is a concern area.

Peerby earns from the borrower by insuring the goods borrowed. Advertising looks to be a model which is sustainable.

Stealing/Damage to Goods — This seems to be a big concern, especially if the platform is insuring the goods as in the case of Peerby.