Startup Model — Open Courses Online

The Model: A platform for users to take open courses online. A user can select different courses or different career paths to follow, based on which courses are recommended. Courses are either developed in association with some Institute or are uploaded by individual experts in various fields. Users can access courses free and can avail pricing plans if they need mentors, assistance and so on.

Startup Doing It: OpenClassrooms (French startup)

What I Like:

Core Idea — Online courses are great way to distribute courses to a wider audience.

Easy to Use — Browsing through and taking up courses is very easy for users. Also course creators are provided tools to create and share courses on the platform.

Curation — A lot of courses are jointly developed by the startup with various Institutes.

Scalable — The startup model is open and scalable.

My Concerns:

Competition — The platform is offering a solution a lot of other startups are offering as well. Proprietary courses can help differentiate the startup. Since the business is purely online, there are no geographical advantages for startups in this space.

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