My first smartphone

I am generally not a tech savvy person. I was quite happy about it.

In fact I boasted about it to my can’t- live -without smartphone friends. During the College recess I would be a dumb spectator to a much heated up discussion on the Clash of Clans. While at the lecture my best friend beside me would flaunt his iPhone and worship its brilliance.

Being a non Tech person did not mean that I was allergic to modern world of information. I could say for sure that I am probably the only person among my peers who allots a separate chunk of time for checking mail. My LinkedIn profile is ‘advanced’, I designed my own resume using Adobe instead of some sick template and above all I blog at both WordPress and Medium( which I think is really cool even if it sounds mediocre).

Gears, Gadgets and girls

Any one of these three would drive any 20 year old crazy and make him run after it as if hell broke loose. They are addictive, makes you forget about everything else and gives a lot of happiness (temporary or permanent) by deriving them.

But I was immune to them. All three of them. In fact I thought that I had mastered my materialistic resisting senses.

It was a great feeling.

“ I necessarily do not have to fit myself in the typical 20 year old picture frame”.

That’s what I told to myself when someone:

  1. Races past me in his sportsbike.
  2. Keep his phone volume at maximum while playing Candy Crush.

3. Has intimate conversations with his lady love in some corner of the railway station.

The past 1 week in my life has changed my thoughts quite drastically.

I lost an opportunity to do an internship just because I did not receive the prescribed information through a WhatsApp group of which I was not a part.

One of my best friends, a girl ( possibly my crush) texts only through WhatsApp just because offline calls and messages cost more money. So we used to talk barely once in a month.

I recently bunked my classes and rode a sports bike for the first time in my life. And after that experience, now I am waiting for the day when I’ll get myself one of those and go for a long drive on cloudy day.

All these events were normal and was a part of life. But a strange, mixed coincidence had a deep impact in my ideology. My philosophy was evolving. My mind was not just ready to accept the fact that by garnering a liking to them, I had lost my uniqueness.

Right now as I write this post, I am awaiting my first smartphone through Amazon which will arrive within the next 2 hours. I don’t know how this experience is going to be…. perhaps life changing or perhaps I have a ‘smartphone’ gene dormant inside me awaiting the spark. It may make me more productive or it may just be another distraction in my life.

Or am I the one creating a big fuss about it?

Well that I’ll know. Very soon.

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