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Nikto is an open-source scanner that helps find vulnerabilities in web servers. You can scan your web apps for vulnerabilities like misconfigured services, dangerous files, and thousands of other potential security issues using Nikto.

Introducing Nikto

Social engineering is the technique by which an attacker can make a person do something that is not usually in their best interest. In this article, we will look at a few common ways Social Engineers try to manipulate you.

Numpy is a python library for performing large scale numerical computations. It is extremely useful, especially in machine learning. Let's look at what Numpy has to offer.


Aircrack comprises of a suite of tools that help you attack as well as defend wireless networks. Let's look at what Aircrack has to offer.

Cybersecurity has its fair share of jargon. This article will help you understand some of the common terms you will come across as a security engineer.

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  1. Authentication — Authentication is the process of checking if a user is allowed to gain access to a system. This is commonly achieved by using username/passwords, ssh keys, etc.
  2. Authorization — Authorization is the process of checking if the authenticated user has permission to perform an action. For example, after logging into Facebook, you are authorized to update your profile and settings, but not anyone else’s.
  3. Audit — Generally, audit means “inspection”. In Cybersecurity, an audit is to conduct a complete inspection of an organization’s network to find vulnerabilities. …

Penetration testing is the process of exploiting an organization’s network to help defend it better. Here are five steps involved in a successful penetration test.

Advertising is failing, thanks to Adblockers. Here’s how you can sell successfully to an audience without trying to shove an ad down their throat.

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Intelligent IoT devices are all around us. In this article, we will see how you can combine machine learning and embedded systems to build intelligent IoT devices.

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