2018’s Productivity Winners for Startups

A quick recap of all the best tools from 2018 that increased overall productivity for startup teams and small businesses.

Running a startup or a small business is no easy endeavor. But choosing the right tools can make it tolerable. Here are a few tools that made our lives easier in 2018.

Our ever favorite Slack is still the best collaboration tool for teams. Slack is a collaboration hub that connects your organization — all the pieces and the people — so you can get things done in a smarter, more efficient way.

Dropbox brings all your documents together, in one central and easy to find location which is safely synced across all your devices. Given the time spent chasing documents, Dropbox is the perfect file manager for any team.

A brilliant product from our friends in Canada, Wave provides a complete accounting solution which takes all the jargon out and gives you a simple and clean interface to work with. Multiple businesses, connecting banks, exporting reports — you name it, and Wave has it!

“Winning teams take notes!”, says Paul Graham. Evernote still rules as the app that takes care of all our note-taking needs. Capture everything from ideas, documents, voice, and pictures while Evernote takes care of organizing it for you.

Zapier helps you to connect apps. Sounds easy but isnt. Zapier helps information flow between applications if they don’t do it already. If you want your Gmail attachments to go into a dropbox folder automatically and then get an update on Slack, Zapier is what you need!

Still our favorite social media manager, Hootsuite helps you to publish content across multiple social media channels and track them all in one place. Monitor trends, schedule posts and gather up-to-date analytics on your content’s performance.

We don't care if every other application now has a Kanban board, we still love Trello. It is the minimalistic project management portal around for those who are bored with the complexity of scrums and user stories.

Github has always made it their mission to make code collaboration simpler for teams. Guess what? They still deliver. Other than a few pricing confusions, Github added some cool new features last year and still delights development teams.

Where would we go without Heroku! The easy to use cloud server removes all the complexity of hosting your application on EC2 or other cloud services. Heroku has helped teams to quickly get their prototype live to test customer feedback along with a hundred add-ons for everything from sending emails to advanced analytics.

These are my personal favorites for 2018. I have used all these apps personally and have found my fellow small business owners to have loved them as much as I do. Let me know if I missed anything in the comments.

About me: I am a consultant with a small (and awesome) team helping startups & small businesses with product development. Our stack is primarily Node,React / Vue and AWS. My Linkedin Profile should give you all the info you need!
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